I’m a full-stack web programmer with some experience in video games.

Some of the things I did:

  • I worked on database performance monitoring application written in C# (.Net Framework) for Oracle, SQL Server and PostgreSQL (link)
  • created a strategy base-building game in C# with Unity, with characters guided by an AI system (a behavior tree). Unity was used only as a rendering engine – entire game logic was written from scratch (link)
  • worked on CRUD application with C#, ASP.NET Web API and SQL Server on the backend, and Angular (Typescript) on the frontend
  • wrote desktop utilities in C# using WinForms and WPF
  • analyzed execution plans and optimized SQL queries; wrote queries using analytic functions and cursors
  • wrote T-SQL, PL/SQL, and PL/pgSQL procedures
  • in C#, used both ADO.NET and Entity Framework (Database First approach) with LINQ
  • wrote and maintained automated tests with NUnit and Selenium
  • I have experience in writing complex pages with HTML5, CSS, and vanilla JavaScript without the aid of SPA frameworks, only libraries such as jQuery, Highcharts or Slickgrid

I’m comfortable both with writing large modules from scratch and maintaining old, complicated legacy code. If a task requires some technology I’m not familiar with, I’m always eager to take on a challenge and learn something new.

You can contact me at orzechowski.jan@gmail.com.